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最近又玩了一段时间CSP1.1BETA,有如下建议:1,没有H菜单太不方便了,强烈建议正式版出H菜单;2,有的地图,容易被门夹住;3,有时候刷新时会有两个人的出生点重叠,导致两个值都在基地都不了;4,USP射速太快,跟冲锋枪一样;5,还是音效问题:从枪声和脚步声,几乎不能分辨出位置。暂时就这么多,谢谢你们的努力,祝CSP越来越好~ Recently, I have been playing CSP BETA 1.1 for other hours. There is svearel advices form my point:1: It’s inconvenient for players because CSP BETA don’t have a H menu ;2: It’s easy to be clamped by doors in certain maps like csp_inferno or csp_lite;3: I found that sometime, two players were born in the same spot so taht both of them could not move;4: The USP’s fire rate is as fast as a submachine gun, it is terrible;5,Last bu no least, I have to mention the sound system of CSP, I can barely distinguish the enemy’s position form his footstep sound or his gun fire sound. That is it for now. I’m sincerely hope CSP will be better. Thanks for your hard works on CSP, and keep up your good works. http://hbbcbndsge.com [url=http://qxgotlmkb.com]qxgotlmkb[/url] [link=http://yyiyfnzsjl.com]yyiyfnzsjl[/link]